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7 Financial Tips for Starting Your Own Escape Room Business

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Building a successful escape room takes a lot of work and effort, so starting your own is not simple. In an escape room, participants are imprisoned inside a room filled with puzzles, riddles, and other objects. They must get out of the area in a set amount of time to win. The team with the fastest escape time is ranked as the winner on the scoreboard. Teams must cooperate to find clues and solve puzzles.  Customers pay per game in escape room enterprises, which typically feature one or even more game rooms with different themes. They can also lease out spaces for exclusive gaming and provide accommodation for parties and events celebrations. 

However, because trends are constantly shifting, business owners must be aware that there are escape rooms in practically every city in the world. This increased competitiveness will make it more difficult for you to stand out from the crowd and get more visitors to your escape room.

Here are some tips that you may consider to start up your own escape room business:

Prepare your setup 

Before launching a business, prepare your setup. For example, what are the total costs you anticipate incurring? Who will be your intended audience? What price will you impose on visitors? What will the setup cost be in total? What recurring fees can you expect, and can you manage them? How much money can you make from an escape room, and is it worthwhile to start one and fulfill your goals? Make a projected budget of when you will achieve break-even when all of your expenses are paid off, and you will begin to earn a profit from the business, etc. This will help you predict your costs and manage your cash flow. 

Launch your company 

You must determine how you intend to launch your company—either independently, by contracting out the complete setup, or by purchasing a franchise from a company—as your costs will be projected following your choice. As a brand-new business owner, it would be challenging to create your escape room, but you would be free to use your imagination, exercise your management, and carry out your own designs. 

Spend money choosing an appropriate site

Spend money choosing an appropriate site for your escape room. If you want to attract more corporate customers, use a site that is convenient and easily accessible to them within a commercial center. If you choose to locate your company near a mall, theater, or other major thoroughfares in the city, you will likely experience high walk-in traffic. However, it doesn’t need to be equipped or decorated because you’ll make your escape games out of nothing. Since you wouldn’t need to fit the place out, having a space would effectively spare your cash. For the benefit of the players, make sure there is a free parking area. 

Be mindful of expenses

Be mindful of expenses such as rent, cost of purchasing a space, cost of clearing (if applicable), cost of starting a new business, and costs associated with the fitting out of the room, including internet, equipment, electrical and lighting fixtures, paintwork, décor, security system, receptionist fees, and staff fees. 

Register for taxes before you start your business. You must pay your taxes in advance, obtain a tax identification number, and conform to all applicable rules and regulations. Whenever necessary, heed the advice of professionals. To keep your individual and professional assets and transactions distinct, you must open a company bank account and have a merchant credit card. 

Obtain the required permits and licenses – Heavy fines and even the destruction of your business may happen due to failure to obtain the necessary permissions and permits. Purchase business insurance to safeguard your organization’s financial stability in the case of a significant loss.  

Be innovative 

You may also be innovative by promoting changes to your escape room by including in-person, virtual reality, and mobile game options. Spend money on website creation, make it SEO-friendly, and create accounts on all reputable platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Create it for customer service and make the call system available for questions. 

To reach the most consumers, you can run ads on social media and experiment with other advertising strategies. 

Pay attention 

You must pay attention to the recurring costs, such as website upkeep fees, scheduling system fees, rental, advertising costs, repairs, restorations, and management of props, décor, and equipment. 

Decide about your funding option 

Decide about your funding option, whether it be your own funds, money from family or relatives, corporate debt, government loans, equity sharing, or anything else you believe to be correct, and provide as much of a guarantee as you need that nothing will stop you once you start operating your business.  

Invest in specialized amenities

Invest in specialized amenities for your customers because the higher the perceived usefulness you provide of your escape room to the visitors, the higher rating you may anticipate from them. 

For instance, standard amenities include restrooms and locker rooms. In contrast, exceptional amenities may consist of free wireless internet in the foyer, light refreshments, costume, and photo sessions, beverages, a meeting room, discounts, gift cards, etc. 

You should spend your funds on training the gamemasters and recruiting staff members because only the professionally skilled and amiable. Knowledgeable gamemasters can help you reach your objectives and generate significant revenue. 


It’s also essential to know in which city you are trying to open up an escape room business and learn all about the financial situation of those businesses and how much they charge so that you can do the same to fit in with the crowds’ expectations of that area. Also, you can almost always search for escape room Bangalore price to know the market value of various other escape rooms to stay on edge. Lastly, do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!