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Thank you for showing your interest in writing for BankingDecision and we are looking forward to having you join our growing list of guest writers. So, if you like what we here decide to do and believe, you can impart more knowledge and information to our readers and join us right away as a Guest Post Writer! 

What will you be able to do as a Guest post writer?

As one of the guest post writers for banking decision, you will be able to:

  • You can impart some best knowledge and information to our readers.
  • You can influence our readers with your message.
  • You can also inspire other finance and banking professionals etc. 

What topics can you write or publish?

To make any guest post successful, these need to be rich in content and the entire blog or post will be detailed enough. That is why everyone will come to know about this.  The entire blog will guide our readers about the current market trends, any technological developments etc. we are particularly looking for some posts or blogs on several topics related to:

  • Personal Loans
  • Fixed deposit/fixed deposit interest rate/fixed deposit rates
  • Credit card.
  • Online trading/online market trading/online trading business
  • Investment/return on investment/investment banking/investment property
  • Insurance/Finance

Why you should write for us

Exposure- By this “write for us” page you will understand the worldwide exposure for your articles. Apart from these, your post will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of target audiences. Now you can share your published articles to several social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters etc. 

Traffic back to you- Readers will be able to connect to your blog as a part of the Bio Introduction at the start of your published piece. 

We cover the vast number of categories for the guest post submission and for the completion of the lists; please look into our stories category page which has some special appeal of its own:

  • loans + write for us
  • fixed deposit + write for us
  • credit card + write for us
  • online trading + write for us
  • investment + write for us
  • insurance + write for us
  • finance + write for us

Which guest posts won’t be accepted?

  • Before submitting your post or article, it’s required to go through our website and make sure topics that have been earlier published on our website won’t be accepted. 
  • Besides these, the topics which are not relevant and non-informative won’t be considered. The main thing is that, all the topics need to be relevant to our site categories. 

What will you be able to do as a guest post writer?

Obviously you can share with us your article or any blog if you think that this will be a good read for our readers and then we will feature it on your website as well. so, please read the blog post requirements and topics requirements before sending the post. You can email the article on our mail id i.e. editor@bankingdecision.com and make sure the entire content will be unique enough that is why this can convey an important message to the readers.

You can Download our Guidelines from Here